Matthew (fourgotten) wrote in custom_trucks,

New here...

I'm new here... I have a '90 S-10 Blazer that I bought for hunting. Been doing a little work on it and just got the brilliant idea of looking for a community in which to maybe get some info... so.. here I am.

Yesterday, took out the headliner to try to get the fabric to stay back up (doesn't look like that will be working well... ) In the process, the headliner board got a little bit damaged... not terribly ripped up, or anything, but.. a little damaged...

So here's my concept... I'm thinking about laying a single layer of fiberglass all over the headliner board, then gluing the new fabric that I will be purchasing onto the fiberglass.

Any reasons why this sounds like a bad idea? My one concern was that the thin shell of fiberglass might crack when the board flexes. but I can't see it flexing far enough to cause that...
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