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01 Blazer

Hello. I am new here and wanted to share my Blazer and get some feedback and ideas. I will introduce myself first though. My name is Amanda, I am 21 and live in Michigan.
I bought my Blazer last year and for the most part love it. Found out that they had some paint defects YAY and have stone chip city on my passenger side. I am waiting till my road is paved to repaint it but its going to need it sooner I think. Since I bought it I have put some serious $$ into it though. I havent dont much to the engine b/c it has the worst V6 SUV mileage I have seen and dont want to make it worse. All the engine has is a K&N cold air intake. Exterior mods are clear tails, clear headlights (which suck to find with intergrated fog lights!), speed grille etc. I have a ram air hood in waiting and a full Xenon body kit with the air dam upgrade but am not sure about the body kit. Interior I have an intergrated Beltronics radar detector (filled the stock tape deck hole well), AVIC N1 DVD HU, 2 Directed monitors in the headrests, Directed 1500D class D amp, 2 12inch Kicker L7s in a vinyl box (had 15 rounds that were louder I think but I needed the smaller box) And thats about it. I pretty much am going to just stick with getting the stuff on (if i decide to still I might get a 2002 trail blazer front end), painted (want the handles green also b/c the black sticks out to me) and thats about that. Any ideas of more things that I should do?



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yea you have to back all that up with an engine now!