oinky_oinkerz (oinky_oinkerz) wrote in custom_trucks,


Hey.. Im new to everything. I don't have that great of an interest in trucks or cars. Mainly because i don't have the money. But anyways, My boyfriend and i have an anniversary comming up. and i'd like to buy him either some rims, tires, and or both. Anyways. any one out there who know what they are talking about and stuff PLEASE help me. I'd realllly appricate it. Well, he has a 1985 s10 pick-up. With a 91 engine. It's lowed 7 inches. Door handles are shaved. Body line shaved. Short throw shifter. 89 celica seats. 89 celica console. Different fiber glass pieces. 91 s10 grill. 91 dash. Bags on back. PLEASE someone anyone. tell me what i should buy to help him out. He loves his truck a lot. and i never really got interested in it. and i want to. So someone tell me what i should do to make it look better, i really would like to buy some tires or rims. and if it could, make it cheap. haha. Thanks soo much. Please help me.
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