amber (xxxtremegirl) wrote in custom_trucks,

My name is Amber. I am 19 and live in Sumter, SC. I have a 1988 Chevy S10 Blazer. Lemme describe it:
Custom purple paint job
Custom purple ghost flames on hood (designed by me)
Custom hood scoop made by me
Bustom black interior with purple trim
Thrush glass pack muffler
Aiwa Cd player
Pioneer speakers

It has a 2.8 V6 and it is 4 wheel drive. What are some more things maybe I can do to make it run better, look better, etc? I am planning on putting a 2 inch body lift with Thornbird mud tires, cold air intake, set of headers... so many things. Please help me out!!!!!
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Erick here from NJ if you are going to spend a lot of money on performance and want a lot of power without forced air induction on the V6 just rip that one out and through crate engine in there like a 350ci you will get the much more power out of that if you are going to spend a lot of money on performance depending if you want this car for a daily driver or not make sure that the engine is running street legal compression and stuff so that is just my suggestion for maximum performance i would also suggest to you to look on forums on how easy it is for engine swaps like that and ask around a lot more and research what is the best mods for that truck
Sounds like you're on your way at least to one hott Blazer. I'll agree with z71offroad below and say that if you have the money, put in a V8. You can get a brand-new stock Chevy 350 (~260hp) or 350HO (~330hp) from a place like Jeg's (very reputable).

Otherwise/Also, crawl underneath and see (or ask) if you have one of the old bead-style catalytic converters. I don't remember whether the '88 S10s had the newer style yet. A new high-flow cat (and a good set of headers) will really open up the exhaust. Not only will you rumble a little better, you should also see a bit more gas mileage. :) Check out an ECU upgrade (Hypertech or Jet, ~$150) as well. I picked up almost 20hp on my '88 Chevy shortbed with this alone.

As for looks outside:
exhaust tips (did you go dual exhaust after the cat? You could...)
rims (obviously)
fiberglass air dam/bumper(s)

for the inside:
pods (look online- they're custom gauge holders)
more audio- amp, custom (and/or lighted) boxes, more speakers!
custom image sewing on the upholstery more thing. You can also check out "cheater" nitrous kits. They're less invasive than the big boys, but can give you a little oomph when you want it. :)

If you don't already, check out Chevy Performance magazine, and again, look through Jeg's and Summit Racing and see what's out there!
well, to put a small block in that might not be that easy, especilly sence its 4 wheel drive with a 2.8l motor, because a 350 has a differant bolt pattern to hook up to the tranny, and if you swap it out for a th 350 or 700 r 4, then you have to worry about it hooking up to the transfer case. your other option is to modify what you already have, like headers, under drive pullys, catilatic converter, Bigger TBI injestiors, cams, axil gear ratio's, spark plugs, stuff like that. Chiping is a good way to go as well, and its pretty easy on a OBD 1 vehical like what you have. But, i don't know what kind of power you want to get out of it or how much your willing to spend. if you have any questions, just ask
You need to put a 350 in it. I have an 88 GMC S-15. That is what I am going to do to mine. If you are going to jack it up then you definatly don't want a 2.8 (i also have) moving them tires.
NO BODY LIFT you will be dissapointed it fucks with everything u might as well go with a suspension lift and have some REAL ,USEFULL groundlearance with out worrying about under hood cabes and shit being long enough and stuff also there are so much .... just no body lift its pointless and crap