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information PLEASE

hey guys i have a 1978 ford f-150 4x4 it is an old farm truck but it was my FAVORITE uncles who passed away 5 years ago almost now, what i am looking to find out is where is the BEST place to pick up pickup beds and a good place to go to get the paint job done on it cuz it all has to stay FACTORY cuz that is what my cousins (his kids) want me to do with it but i do want to put a beefier transmission in it and bigger engine and better transfer case in it but like i said i have to keep it all factory i kinda want to upgrade my interior to leather for seats and get new flooring but i just need to now where good parts places for it are cuz i don't want to spend a fortune on it so please ANY information or secrets to it would help me alot and much appreciated...THANKS
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